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Good evening everyone. Is there anything different about wholesaling multi-family properties? I live in Central Massachusetts, and around here we have a large quantity of two and three family houses. With single family properties you have a few different options including selling it on a rent to own basis. However, I imagine you can't really sell a multi-family property on a rent to own basis right? I'm not sure how that would work.

I know assignment of contract is always an option, but just looking for some stories and perhaps a list of other viable exit strategies.




You should be able to do everything on a multi that you would do on SFR.

Student housing is big in your area huge profit. Remember you do not have to own it to control it.


    Thanks for responding @Paul Timmins   but the exit strategy I am primarily curious about is renting to own. With a single family property for instance, you could put a tenant buyer in there and charge enough rent to cash flow. But when you have a three unit property, I would suspect that putting a tenant buyer in the property would be far more complicated because would probably need more than one unit filled in order to cash flow. Does that make sense? Unless you had one tenant-buyer and a couple of regular tenants perhaps? Any ideas? Has anyone done anything like this?

    Other than that, you could assign the contract, rent the property, retail it, flip it to an investor, etc., but I just can't figure out if it's possible to sell it on a rent to own basis.

    Thanks again,


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