When you first meet a seller what do you give them?

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Hello all,

Quick question. Other than a business card what else do you guys give sellers when you first meet them? I am trying to think outside the box and come up with ideas on what I can give a seller when I first meet them to come off more professional and be more informative.

For example maybe a pamphlet with information on it?

Just trying to come up with ideas

THanks in advance


Along with being professional, you need to be rememered. Something tells me a pamphlet would get thrown away and forgotten. 

@Jade Davis I just said a pamphlet as an example. But yea they will  def throw it away haha

i wish I had a better suggestion for you.

I read about lumpy mail for direct mail campaigns and thought that was genius. They're much more likely to open your mail if they want to figure out what's inside it. 

@Adam Clark  a pamphlet and a nice business card stapled to it...Your in a huge saturated market like mine (Los Angeles) where sellers know they are sitting on vaule even in a piece of crap of an area, theres probably going to be 3 to 4 people who have already sent letters, or reached out (not always but usually) and Trust and Transparency is key with so many scams. 

Have a nice pamphlet explaining what it is you do, with legit contact info, and if possible a legit company name, with a website to reference. Believe me this yr alone we've close 3 times as many deals by using this strategy. Sellers tell me all the time how comfortable and how nice the pamphlet and info make them feel (rather we buy it or not). It make us look very professional.  Of course people throw them away, but someone whos motivated but dosent understand the process will do the due dilligence, and ive noticed most every older couple (or individual) we meet does their research. Its a good tool. 

Do not over think it!! All that matters is building rapport and solving their problem. All I take is my contract and get try to get them to sign it. 

@Senay Baraki  How is that building rapport?  Showing up with a contract in hand, the first time you meet somebody, and trying to pressure them into signing it??

@James Stevens  

 Obviously while you are walking the property and talking to seller I build the rapport. Also I am building rapport on the phone before I get to the property. The way I see it  is if I take my time to go see a motivated seller I try to make sure I get a contract singed. 

@Senay Baraki  

That's the worse thing to do, that's not building rapport, you'll look like the guy selling dvds in the walmart parking lot. 

Be professional, and give them an opportunity to sit and think about it. All in all, im not taking about whoelsaling 25k houses in Southside Chicago, im talking about selling homes 250k and above, with more sophisticated sellers...

While thinking about it the way @Jason Farmer 

put it, now I want to go and make a pamplet for our company!!

I have to completely agree with @Jason Farmer 

@Jason Farmer does have a good point but I really think different things work in different markets.  I think its up to the investor to look at what works for their market and tweak and adjust until they find something that works best. 

I'm usually able to gauge from my intial contact with sellers the level of professionalism that may be required.  I have had sellers I met with just khaki's and a polo shirt on and no contract in hand (it was in my truck) and I've met sellers and made sure they had my buinsess card and my website information.  That's just the angle I approach it with.  I like to be prepared and make the seller feel like they FULLY understand how the process is going to work.  Ive even had some sellers who think email addresses are the same thing as websites so giving them a professional pamphlet with my company history and website propbaly wont get read thorougly but they remember my yellow letter they put in their kitchen drawer weeks ago.  All good answers though

@Jade Davis  I've placed Andes mints in a batch of yellow letters and seemed to get a good response.  I know the shape of the mint in the envelope made them open the letter.   

and I even agree with @Senay Baraki  he was pretty saying he takes action and doesn't let something like pamphlets or brochures etc be the reason why he'll put off going to see a seller who contacted him wanting to sell their property as soon as possible. 

I give them a kiss...this way they never forget :)

Thanks for the feedback I think it depends on the market/seller you are dealing with. Upscale sellers may see a person handing them  a pamphlet as being more professional and informative vs the sellers of the severely distressed properties that are going for 45k and just wanna discuss numbers.

Either way I think building rapport is the key. I have never tried a pamphlet etc... Maybe I'll grab a handful it won't hurt. @Cass R. Smith  has a good point measuring the level of professional at the initial contact is important. I think coming off to spiffy and extra professional May be a turn off to your average lower value property owners.

Adam, although you're in a "saturated market" as some would call it, NOTHING will substitute for basic rapport building skills. Just ask the 80+ wholesale sellers that Ive completed deals with - high end deals and low.  Don't get too fancy too soon, again, there is no need thinking outside the box right now. Read what me and my buddies have read "how to win friends & influence others". 

You know they are more likely to keep a business card with a picture on it. But yeah Kiss them. Keep It Stupid Simple. make sure it has a pic, your name, what you do, phone and email. 

Just putting that out there.

I think the pamphlet idea is good seeing it would hopefully set you apart on a professional level from other people just trying to get those signatures on the dotted line to bang out a deal.

As far as dealing with lower valued properties I would think the person/people/family involved would appreciate being treated the same as others who have higher valued properties. Also, it would be great training to treat these lower valued properties as higher valued properties just for the sake of keeping your skills sharp.

I plan on getting some company pamphlets made once I start getting out there making offers.

Originally posted by @Senay Baraki :

@James Stevens  

 Obviously while you are walking the property and talking to seller I build the rapport. Also I am building rapport on the phone before I get to the property. The way I see it  is if I take my time to go see a motivated seller I try to make sure I get a contract singed. 

 Senay is right, the only thing you need is a contract, and info on the comps. As said many times, if a motivated seller is truly motivated, there is no way you will take away their motivation. So yes, build rapport with the first phone call (ask why they are selling, how quick they are trying to get it sold, and an approx price that would satisfy them). Otherwise if the seller is not motivateed then you are just wasting your time.

@Dan Losh

Im talking about taking your R.E.I business to another level here...I do this full time, and we make good money here in SoCal. This goes beyond absentee owners, and taking phone calls on a google line, were talking a full professional company, from sophisticated marketing automation, to professional answering service,, were in LA we roll out the red carpet for these people. We joined Regus in March, now we have office space all throughout Southern CA, (for $200 a month) we can have our clients come and sit with us to sign docs etc...Have you ever set face to face with someone that selling a million dollar home, do you think they will sign a contract because you have that and some comps in your hand...Motivated sellers are easy, its the unmotivated ones thats sitting on a nice spread we like. 

Being professional will get you a long way,you have alot to learn about what  building real rapport is. As you grow and suceed which im sure you will, you'll understand what im saying..

When you can buy an old ladys home, she held on to for many years, but falls in love with her experience with your company and she introduces you to her Son who sells you his property...Then he just loves how professionally you handled yourself, so he introduces you to someone at his job, that has 4 properties hes looking to get rid of....And now you were able to wholesale 6 properties from 1 lead....

Thats rapport...you'll get it...

@Jason Farmer I love that last post! 

Originally posted by @Ben Leybovich :

I give them a kiss...this way they never forget :)

Damnit. I literally opened this thread to post this. 

If it is a good lead that will likely turn into something I would find out during conversation if they have a favorite restaurant. In my arsenal I would keep an array of gift cards for restaurants. At the end when closing thank them for there time and pitch something like I know this is a big decision but since you were really great to me here is a gift card so you can talk about it over dinner. Hopefully you will have one close to what there favorite restaurant is. Yes it's an expense but if it's a hot lead it's a sincere and genuine thing to do.

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