Example Joint Venture (JV) Agreement

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Where can I find a contract or agreement for a wholesale joint venture? 

Hi Jerald

PM me with email and I will send you one. Would love to have friend in Atlanta

Hi Mike,

I'm in the Chicago market.  We should connect.

Also, would you mind directing me to a JV agreement.



This is the one I just used which I pieced together from other ones and made up terms myself:

THIS JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT (the "Agreement"), made and entered into as of this DATE OF CONTRACT by and between JV PARTNER NAME and YOUR COMPANY.


The purpose of the Joint Venture shall be to sell certain real estate located at

1234 CHEAP HOUSE ADDRESS for a profit.


This Joint Venture shall commence on the date first above written and shall continue in existence until 2 WEEKS DATE HERE, or until written notice of termination by either party or liquidated.


YOUR COMPANY shall bring the seller contract of the property to JV PARTNER NAME shall bring the buyer, handle the buyer service to get the property closed.


Upon the sale of the property to a buyer brought by JV PARTNER NAME shall receive 00% of the profits above the SELLER CONTRACT PRICE from the sale of the property located at 1234 CHEAP HOUSE ADDRESS, to be paid at the time of closing. YOUR COMPANY will receive 00% of the profits from the sale of 1234 CHEAP HOUSE ADDRESS.

To qualify for the profit share JV PARTNER NAME must bring the buyer to the table and the buyer must sign contract and deposit $1000 EMD to YOUR COMPANY. If the buyer comes through marketing done by YOUR COMPANY then YOUR COMPANY will receive 100% of the profits.

This contract is null and void without delivery of a buyer and $1000 EMD deposited to YOUR COMPANY account no later than 2 WEEKS DATE HERE.

Signature ________________________________ Date ___ _______

Company Name and/or Signing Representative Name:


Address: ___________________________________

Signature ______________________ Date___________

Company Name and/or Signing Representative Name:


Address: ______________________________________________

Thanks for the post @David Sicherman. 

"to sell certain real estate located at 1234 CHEAP HOUSE ADDRESS for a profit." is spot on.

Hello everyone,

Can anyone recommend a good JV agreement for use in JV note deals?



@Peter Eiseman

@Karl Smith

@Gerald Harris

hey guys just came across this post. If you PM me I can send you over a JV Agreement, Mortgage and Note.

I can send them into you a Word Doc so that you can edit them however you would like. 


Originally posted by @Andrew Cordle :

@Peter Eiseman

@Karl Smith

@Gerald Harris

hey guys just came across this post. If you PM me I can send you over a JV Agreement, Mortgage and Note.

I can send them into you a Word Doc so that you can edit them however you would like. 


 Hi Andrew,

Just getting started into investing in real estate in the St Augustine area here in Florida and I found a home that I want to do a deal with with a wholesaler "friend" I have known a few months...but, i want to make sure the deal is legit before I hand him the owner info, street address, etc...can I have a copy of the JV that you were sharing in this thread? Thanks in advance!


Hello All,

@Gerald Harris So glad that you started this thread. It is very helpful and I am glad that I found it. I am a new investor and a JV agreement would be so helpful to have on hand.

@Mike Hepburn do you mind sending me that JV agreement?

@Andrew Cordle Can you also send a copy of that JV Agreement, Mortgage and Note Word doc as well?

So helpful. Thank you so much! Best to all in your continued endeavors.



I'm so glad I ran across this thread. I was looking for a JV Agreement document that is not too lengthy. I found two Gap funders that are helping me with my first rehab in Scottsdale, AZ The one above looks simple enough. Is there a possibility that you or anyone reading this can forward me one that I can use as a WORD document?

I would truly appreciate it. I'm really enjoying BP for so many reasons. Thank you in advance!


This was very helpful, thank you! 

I came across this for wholesale joint venture agreement.  Has anyone used anything like this?  I live in Texas, would like to use if feasible.

A.J. Gonzales

Option to Purchase Real Estate Agreement
Optionee _______________________________ Optionor ______________________________________
Property ___________________________________________________________________________________
In exchange for $1.00 and other good and valuable consideration, Optionor gives the optionee the non-exclusive right to purchase the property listed above for the sum of
Term: The Option begins on ___________ and expires ___________at 11:59p.m
Marketing: Optionor gives the Optionee the right to market the property at his/her own expense
Right to Cancel: Optionee may cancel this agreement prior to this agreement being assigned to a third party. If this agreement is cancelled prior to an assignment, Optionee may not engage in any transaction related to the above-mentioned property with any party introduced to the property by the Optionee.
Disclosures: Optionee is / is not a licensed real estate broker and/or agent in the state of _______. Optionee will be making a profit from this transaction and is not representing any party.
_______________________________________ ___________________________________ Optionor Date Optionee Date

Hi @Brent Hill can I get a copy of your JV agreement

@Gigi Hayes  Sure thing!  You want to message me your email and I will send over a copy of the one I did with my friend.  I actually have 2 different ones I have done with some people so far.  Happy to share :-)

You Rock!!!! thanks so much

gigi at inspireh2h.com

Hi. I'm in Texas. I also need help with structuring a JV contract. Can smeone please share with me as well? Thanks in advance.

Hey guys, just a quick reminder that you may find it prudent to run any JV agreement through your lawyer, or better yet, have your lawyer draw one up. You all are great people, but there is no way in hell I'd use a JV Agreement that someone sent me here on BP. And "simple" is not necessarily a synonym for "good". Simple could mean "missing important language that protects you if something goes sideways."

@Andrew Cordle or @Brent Hill May I also please have access to that JV agreement? I can message either of you my email address. Many thanks for your contribution!

Chenelle :)

@Chenelle Tucker sorry, for the delay but I don't come on much any more. Did you get your JV agreement. If not message me your email address and I will send one over.

This post has been removed.

@Andrew Cordle hey Andrew, I would love to get a copy of a JV Contract and any related doc which may be needed. Thx.

@Brent Hill hey Brent. I know this is 11 months old but if the offer stands I would like to get a copy of you JV contract as well. Thx Pete

@Brent Hill Hey Brent, could you send me a copy of the JV Agreement you use as well? Thanks!

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