How to find other wholesalers in your area and the benefits/drawbacks

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How do you go about finding other wholesalers in your area to network with (that aren't on BiggerPockets of course)? Also what are some of the benefits of networking with other wholesalers? Are there any drawbacks? I know wholesaling can be pretty competitive in some markets. Thanks! 

@Kirk Gore

Put some ads on Craigslist for starters.  

You can also have some bandit signs made up to say something like " We Buy Houses, Quick Cash Offers , with your phone # ). You might get some local wholesalers to call you from that plus you might also find some deals at the same time. 

Benefit would be that many wholesalers work together so that when one of them gets a home under contract for say $50k, his other wholesaler buddies try to sell the same property for higher then what he will sell it for so its a way to get property to sell.  Drawback will be that buyers will soon figure out who keeps getting the home under contract and offering it at the best price and you will find the homes sell faster that way. 

Flip-side is that it could be you doing it as well. 

Good luck

@Kirk Gore you can also just go on to craigslist and look at all the ads for people wanting to buy houses and youll find a decent amount of wholesalers.

Ive done this and let them know in the title of the email I send to them that "I am interested in your services".

In my case I was looking for people who might be interested in partnering in my area or just for networking purposes.

I sent out 35 emails and have gotten about 10 responses.

Good Luck!

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