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If 80% of your deals come after the 5th touch.  How much money should you have budgeted for a 6 month mailing campaign.  I've heard of successful operations hand writing 25 to 50 letters off their list a month and doing deals. Should you take this more conservative approach until you build relationships, trust and knowledge?

I dont know if actually hand writing the letters is necessary. As long as you are consistent on sending them out that is the main goal. 

Good luck

Consistent with timing as far as "every month like clockwork" or every other month.  Do you remove people who call angrily and demand that they be removed from your list or wait them out and still send? Do you twik  the message on subsequent letters or postcards?  What would be the top factor in anyone's experience?  Thanks for the time and information in advance. 

Well I definetly wouldn't send them the SAME letter six times!! 

Yes, remove the angry people. But tell them to please keep your contact info in case they ever changw their mind. Unlikely but you never know!

I am planning my first direct mail campaign and plan for it to look something like this:

First touch- lumpy mail

Second touch- basic yellow letter (I will not actually handwrite but will photocopy my handwriting so it will look legit. I will handwrite the addesses.)

Third touch- typed letter

Fourth touch-typed letter

Fifth touch- typed letter

Sixth touch- typed letter

Each of these typed letters will have different wording but all will say the same general thing (obviously). 

Let me know if there's anything I can clarify for you further. 

What makes the mail lumpy?  :)  I have heard of this before, but never have been told.  This is not Colorado. :}  All suggestions are appericateid.    

You can put anything in there to make it lumpy. We are keeping it simple and doing a hershey's kiss with a post it that says "we're interested in buying your house for cash. Please give us a call at 123-123-1234. Signes, Davis Syracuse Properties.

The lumpiness will get their attention. Hopefully....

Thank you very much for your ideas looking forward to see more.

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