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Ok being that I'm going to be jumping into the wholesale arena. Who is using bandit signs still? Do they work? Also where is the best place to order.

As always thank you for the feed back in advance


They have been my highest lead generators so far.  I place them in High Traffic stopping areas.  Order them from

We still use them they help sell and get the word out and build your investor list. We function a little differently being we only advertise and put out bandit signs out when we have a property to sell. We keep a list and of everyone that call so we can contact them about future deals. 

we buy locally cost is about $1 a sign and ,50 per stand we buy in bulk. 

Bandit signs can work, but make sure you know your local ordinances.   I have friends here in my market that have been fined $500 per sign!

They do work, however, the callers may not be qualified - i.e., they owe too much on their house, or it's a mobile home, they are in foreclosure, etc.  Every now and then you'll get a call from a good lead - you just have to weed thru a lot of junk.  This it true for any untargeted marketing method such as signs, billboards, etc.

As already mentioned, Bandit signs work. Like throwing out a net in a river or ocean. You can get a lot but some you have to throw back.

Personally, I only use them to sell. Buying I use various processes.

Busy intersections with stop lights seem to work best. If you are looking to buy, any busy street intersection is good. If selling, put them on main street corners with arrows leading to the home you are selling.

I use an extention if I put them on telephone poles. Less likely to get ripped down or removed. However....

Usually code enforcement is tougher if you put them on telephone poles. It's considered littering or defacing city property in many cities. Some cities, counties or areas don't restrict it so you're ok. Free standing can still be against code but usually less potential fine. I keep saying usually because you may get a hard butt who nails you. When they call I apologize and say "I am sooo sorry. I had my son put them out. I'll get them removed immediately. Where was it again?" And they usually will let it slide 1st time. After that you're on your own.

Best way I've found to avoid code enforcement, and potential fines, is to do the garage sale process. Put them out Friday afternoon and take them down Sunday afternoon/evening. Code enforcement usually doesn't work weekends.... but they might...

Have fun!

Bandit signs yields a high return rate of highly motivated, highly underqualified sellers. My money is better spent improving my web presence and on targeting direct mail campaigns. 

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