Using Call Answering Service Vs Direct to Voicemail for Leads

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Hi guys,

Interested in real world experiences on this.  I send out about 6,000 mail pieces/mo.  I've been using a voicemail number that also shows all hangups (ringcentral).  I've found motivated people leave messages.  Unmotivated people or tire kickers don't leave as often. And, literally, EVERY hangup I've reached live across a year of 6k mail pieces/mo has been a crap lead.  This to me shows the voicemail is probably getting the job done.

That said, thinking of switching to a call answering service anyways.  I'll probably end up testing it, but wondering from people doing a reasonable volume of letters what do you do- direct to voicemail or call answering service?

And, if call answering service, any recommendations from ones you've used.


I have had great success with a live answering service.  I can give them a script and will get  a recording of the conversation via email.  Of course, it depends on the operator.  Some are better than others.  

Congrats on noticing this is a fatal flaw, 75% of people do not leave VM. The best and most reliable is patlive. They are experienced in handling real estate calls. Depending on your package it's like 1.15-1.25 per minute. 

These guys are really good to. I have a few clients you use them and are great.

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