First Deal!?!

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Still haven't gotten ours but we are close! Couple of questions for those of you who have…1. How long did it take you? 2. What kind of obstacles did you face? 3. Did everything run smooth? 4. Was it worth it?

1 - I don't remember.  Once it happens, you won't remember either.

2 - You name it.  The biggest obstacle was me...and my lack of experience/knowledge.

3 - No

4 - Yes.

1) I took 2 months of learning before I took action. It took me about 1000 pcs of direct mail before I got my first deal. 

2) I think I lost some possible deals just by not knowing how to negotiate well and understand the need for solving people's problems. 

3) It ran smoothly for the most part. There were just a couple issues with the sellers and what they wanted. 

4) It was totally worth it. I've gained so much more confidence from when I started and it feels great to be in control. 

Keep pushing and good luck!

I haven't gotten my first deal yet either but I want to send out direct mail to absentee owners this week. It's very exciting and I myself am a little nervous but I'm sure that's part of the adventure. 

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