Send out Yellow Letters Week Between Christmas and New Year's? Or wait?

2 Replies

I spent my Christmas holiday writing yellow letters.  Would it be wise to mail them out today so that they will arrive a few days before New Year's, when people may still be off from work and have more time to go through their mail?

Or would it be better to wait until after New Year's since people may still be out-of-town the week before New Year's?  And after New Year's, after the holiday glow has dimmed, people will be back in the "swing of things" of everyday life and perhaps more prone to considering a business decision like selling their property.

Also, would it be cheesy to use Christmas or New Year's stamps?

I know the timing here (and the type of stamp) won't necessarily make or break but am just curious if anyone has any experience with sending out yellow letters this time of the year.

Logan, I'd definitely hold off sending those letters until 2015. Let everyone get done with the holidays first and then their brain will allow them to think about real estate. As for the stamps, love 'em. Do something that sticks out instead of the same ol' American Flag forever stamp.

I read on a different thread that someone used spiderman stamps and saw a good response rate so I definetly say use unique stamps! 

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