Wholesaling with MLS

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As many of you may know MLS is a powerful tool needed in the real estate business. As for newbies like myself what can we offer to also get access to MLS? Considering other websites like Zillow isn't accurate enough to offer accurate offers to our sellers and end buyers.

Build a relationship with an agent offer to pay their MLS fee and in return they can setup a MLS Assistant account for you.

I have found that Redfin and realtor.com are great internet sites to get numbers for recently sold houses. With those numbers, you can estimate a price by using the most recent sales data within 1/4 mile of the property and of similar size.

@Tedroy Johnson  How much is the fee do you know?

@Cheryl Vargas I don't want the access to MLS to wholesale I want the access to have a better estimate on the ARV.

@Account Closed  that link is now for most in IN just not Indy sorry man. If I can help you in anyways let me know.

Easiest and best way over-all?  Just become a Realtor yourself.

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