Share your IFTTT recipe for a new year mitzvah!

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Hey fellow wholesalers,

  I'm trying to make IFTTT a bigger part of my business next year, can some of you share a killer IFTTT receipe for finding deals on craigslist or any  other guru-type way to use it?

I'm not a wholesaler, but I've had good luck with a few ifttt recipes for stuff like 'motivated sellers' 'owner will carry' 'investor' 'handyman special'. Really, any search you'd regularly type into craigslist would make a good recipe. Adjust to taste. :)

I'm just now trying to figure out some ins and outs of IFTTT. I have an SMS to Google Drive Sheet set up with a #tag, but I'm wondering why the #tag itself is ending up in the Sheet. Shouldn't it only be used as a trigger? Anyway to keep that from happening? 

I've looked for answers elsewhere, but I don't find a lot of useful chat about the details of IFTTT. I feel like I'm just missing it--where are the IFTTT forums? 

EDIT: Ok, I just figured it out. One of the ingredient options is "message no hash tag." Got it!

I am new to IFTTT and just added a new recipe -rental -agent -broker. -broker (the elimination of broker for the search) cut down on the results. I am after a nicely fine tuned list. 

beginner question here, lol - what does ifttt stand for?

@Charity Suttles It stands for "If This, Then That". It is a service that automates actions between various different web services & tools.

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