Leads are coming in, but not sure how I can make money from them.

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I just sent out my first direct mail campaign and immediately started to get leads in. The problem is that most sellers just want to get out from under their mortgage or they're asking for the amount that they owe on the home. Can I make any money from these deals? If so how? If not, how do you recommend that I break it to the seller that I cannot make any money from this?

@Pedro Oliva  while I don't do those deals, lease option, subject 2, are two options you can look into more, search and you will find alot on here.

Since you probably want to get back to them asap, be completely honest with them and the situation. You are in the business of solving problems, but you have to make money or else there would be no business. 

The next time you're pulling your leads, I would focus on potential sellers with a high equity % and older age folks that may be more motivated. This will give you more qualified leads that are easier to work with. 

Another thing you could do is build a relationship with an investor-friendly realtor. You can refer them if the seller wants retail value and in return for those leads, they may able to give you some cash buyers or work out something else. This way you can help your seller and build credibility for your business. Give in order to get. Good luck!

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