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I'm a new wholesaler and I have a seller who has 4 properties in SC and has two lots (14 & 12) acres she wants to sell.  How would I go about structuring this deal

Hello Adrian, Troy here I'm a new wholesaler as well. Here in south Georgia. Sounds like you have the making of a great deal, but let me ask you what do your buyers want? By finding out what there needs are you can then structure the deal according to them. Maybe muti-buyers one for the land the other for the properties. Anyway the answers to all your questions are in the getting started parts and free ebooks here on this site. that's where I've started with the learning process first. Hope this helps.

@Adrian Rice   are the properties on the lots? What type of properties? How are the lots zoned? What is the value of the properties and land? What does the seller want/need...? What is the motivation to sell?

You need to start addressing some of these questions before you can arrive at an answer to your question...

Thanks Brandon and Troy I haven't thought about buyers in the area yet I was going to work with a wholesaler in SC.  But I should probably start trying to get some buyers in that area.  And honestly I'm not sure how the lots are zone she told me they were for commercial property.  The other 4 properties don't sit on those vacant lots.  I got another investor to help me close this deal I hope all goes well.  I'll share once it's closed

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