New Investor Hiccups

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As a new investor, what if sellers or buyers ask questions like what houses have you bought in the area?

So here is my strategy. I am one hundred percent honest. May not be the best strategy but I try and keep things as up front and honest as possible. At the end of the day I see it like this: If the individual really NEEDS to sell their house it will be quite difficult to force them to lose that motivation. A good way to counteract their possible doubt if it is your first deal is your ability to speak to the real estate terms and processes that wholesaling uses and break it down in such a way that anyone could understand it.

Don't know if you have heard of this podcast yet but definitely check it out:

I have never had a seller ask that. 

Yes I agree Honest is the Best Policy. So what if you haven't bought houses in the area or any houses before? You can always put a positive spin on it, "I am new at this but I am really anxious to make this happen. "

I agree that honesty is the best policy. You will come across as genuine and more confident, which the seller will pick up on through your voice and body language. If you have business partners or mentors with experience, you can leverage that. "I haven't bought a house before but my business partners have bought lots of houses and I'm learning from them (or they're helping me every step of the way or anything along those lines that's a natural fit for you). Good luck!

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