Building a buyers list from MLS

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I get the whole idea of how to build a buyers list from the MLS. The part I'm having trouble with is getting the buyers name/number/ address. I was told to go to the county tax accessor office website, didn't work for me. I've also used the property tax search on the MLS, no luck.


There is is a quick way to get that information.

This gives you the physical location and sets your criteria. Adjust these as your situation dictates:

  • Go to
  • Build a list of single family, duplex, triplex, and quads in your area of interest.
  • Make sure to get both owner occupied and absentee owned.
  • Make sure mailing address and property address are complete.

This gets you the cash buyers:

  • Then, set the last sale date to 6 months in the past.
  • Set the equity to 91-100% equity.

Presto, you have a cash buyers list. You may have to play with a few settings to get the list you want, but that's basically it. Mail them a letter letting them know you sell houses at steep discounts similar to the one they just bought on 123 Main St.

That's how a lot of people build their buyers list. In fact, I think @jvmccall covered this procedure on a recent podcast of his.


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