Starting out in Spokane, WA wholesaling: How to find Investors

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Hi Everyone!  This is my first post on BP!

My husband and I are new to real estate investing, and aren't sure how to go about finding investors that want wholesale deals.  I am a real estate agent and my husband is a contractor, so together we have no problem figuring out our numbers, and making sure it is a win win deal for everyone involved. 

So, how do you find investors when you don't have any of those connections to start out with?  Also, as far as putting a house under contract, can a licensed real estate agent in WA state use their brokerages' purchase and sales agreement forms, or do I have to have an attorney create one for me?  I am newly licensed, and am not entirely sure what the stipulations are in WA state.

Thank you! 

I am just about to move to spokane this summer and I would be glad to look at any wholesale deals you have. It's all about getting your name out there and telling everyone what you do.

@Breanne Glemaker  yes a licensed broker may use the NWMLS forms, just make sure you DISCLOSE that you are a licensed broker.  DISCLOSE - DISCLOSE - DISCLOSE.  

@Breanne Glemaker  

How I found most of my investors is by networking, networking, and networking. Attend your local REIA meetings, stay involved here on BP, and just put yourself where RE investors will be. Also, as you start to get properties under contract and market them, investors will find you. Just know that when you have good deals you really don't have to look for investors, all you have to do is let investors know that you have deals through your marketing and they will contact you. This is a great place to start though. As you get to know the BP community and start to get your name out there, then it won't be hard to get rid of good deals. I wish you and your husband much success on your investing journey, and I look forward to seeing you around the site. Just remember, if you ever have any questions just put them here on the forums and watch how helpful complete strangers will be. Always be weary however for those with other agendas, but for the most part there are some good, wholesome, and very knowledgeable people here on the site that don't mind helping you-free of charge at that. Wish you all the best.

Thank you everyone for your advice!  Very helpful.

Are you still wholesaling in Spokane? I have been looking for someone like yourself. I am interested in good buy, rehab, and hold deals. I don't know if I can send a private message from my phone but if you want to contact me that would be great.

I would think you would be in a great position to fix and flip rather than wholesale. Access to the MLS and a contractor husband? Bingo!

@Breanne Glemaker , no way do I use NWMLS realtor forms for buying.  It's all about who the selling agent is and how they get paid, the listing agent and how they get paid, then the big pre-written NO ASSIGNMENT parts at least once.  Might be a problem wholesaling without commissions and needing to assign.  

Please update us on how you're doing.  I have buyers in Spokane, too.   

Right now I've just been focussing on real estate as a broker, so I have not done any wholesaling deals, but I am confident that will all change soon enough!  I would rather fix and flip than wholesale, but currently my husband and I just aren't in a position to do so.  Thank you for your response!

How's the wholesaling going? I am an investor looking for properties and would like to hear if you have anything. Thanks!

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