First lead?!

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Hello again BP community, I just recently started my first direct mail campaign and have been very eager to start.

Well about 30 minutes ago I got my first call from the sister of the owner of the property I sent out a yellow letter to. I wasn't able to answer because I'm currently at work but she did leave a voicemail. She did seem eager to get me to call back so I looked up the property and it's currently being listed (been listed for 600+ days).

The property is about 15-20 minutes away from the city of Cheyenne and is listed at 249k. Which is substantially higher than what some of the investors I have spoken with want to pay.

Any advice would be great!

Call her back :)  See what she wants, she may be willing to take less than list price...but you never know until you talk to her

Very true @Priscilla Z.  I talked to her sister over the phone and she didn't know a ton about  what her sister wanted to do.  I'm expecting a call back possibly a little later or tomorrow.

Since making this thread I have also talked to 5 other prospects and 2 seem pretty motivated.

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