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What's the best way to start setting up probate deals?   Using the court information, I can see when wills are presented, inventories filed and executors are listed.  If I wanted to take a chance and send a letter, would I do my research to see if any real estate is involved, wait until the executor is appointed, then send the executor a letter? Is there a better way? 

If inventory is filed, document should show that the decedent did indeed in fact had real estate. And yes you should continue doing your research to see if real estate was/is involved. 

Check the inventory document that should list the real estate for (any) the decedent..

If your going to send a letter "I" try to be compassionate and sympathetic at the some time.

But the question is getting the executor/heirs' to open the letter...

The estate (family) is going through mixed emotions...

Stay positive....

Thank you @Mark Pedroza  for your reply!  On the inventories filed, I see it says Estate $XXX,XXX in personality  or Estate $XXX,XXX in personality and realty.  Would it be safe to say that the latter states there is real estate involved? 

Do not know what is meant by "personality" in inventory file. CA probate law's differ from state to state. Your going to have to research Ohio probate law to clarify what "personality" means in inventory list.

Always cross reference the decedents assets (real estate) with the inventory file your researching and also the county tax assessor against the deceased real estate...

@Sean Winfield  @Mark Pedroza  

Personality is "personal" assets such as bank accounts; reality is "real" property, translated as house(s), which is what you want.

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