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I can't necessarily speak from experience, but from a marketing perspective, I would suggest a couple things:

(1) Remain consistent and develop a pipeline for each scenario. Pipeline for those who do not respond (send a second letter, maybe a third letter); pipeline for those who respond (offer a follow-up letter after a period of time if it doesn't work)l pipeline for those who respond and are interested

(2) Use a letterhead, if possible, to give it a professional feel and connection

(3) Place yourself in the shoes of the customer and ask yourself what the customer would want to know. Are you providing enough features, advantages, and benefits to the potential client.

Again, these are just suggestions, however, maybe some of this advice may help out some. Good luck on your second batch.

Originally posted by @John Skaggs :

1% response isn't unusual.  Sometimes I vary from 0-10%.  It also could be that they just haven't called yet.  I've got calls three years later from ads I put out.  This happens quite often actually.  

Also, I would reword that nice guy bit.  Maybe take it out all together with a more solid call to action.  

On a side note, I think it's funny when people call me  to tell me their house isn't for sale.  I understand that people really are guarded about their property, but I always think "do you call the auto mechanic or pizza delivery place and tell them you don't want any when they send you an ad?"

 Agreed. You are assumed to be a nice guy until proven otherwise. You don't want to come off as sketch, but legitimate.