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I am new to the real estate industry, I have been reading this forum almost daily, reading different books and soaking up as much information as possible. I understand the basics of wholesaling and many people I have talked to have recommended some of the typical  "wholesale guru courses" personally I don't feel comfortable forking out money to a pyramid scheme style that don't have creditable sources. I was just reaching out for any one who has had success or has experience with wholesaling and could give some advice or even someone in the surrounding philadelphia area that I could talk to and get some guidance on the in's and out's of wholesaling. I thank anyone in advance for their responses (: 

It's possible to do it yourself without a GURU, you've found BP. But I've also met some People who have graduated from programs who are doing really well. It depends on your mindset and what you need to succeed. Welcome! Unfortunately I don't know PA very well, but set up keywords for PA, and then hop on Meetup and find your local REIA!

listen to the podcasts, attend your local REIA, network with other investors in here.

If you're always willing to learn and have a passion for real estate, you don't need a guru to force stuff down your throat. Stay plugged into the podcasts, forums, and blogs, be confident and take action. 

I can say that the Cody Sperber Clever Investor course was worth the cost. It's really inexpensive and is a series of videos to watch.
For me this was perfect because I had absolutely no knowledge what so ever so at times it can be a bit basic and maybe not the most useful for all markets but I was able to finish it and then start delving into some of the more detailed and niche specific info here on BP.

Ditto what the others have said.  Especially networking with other investors. Set up a "keyword alert" for you are area so when someone posts here about it you will get notified. 

Welcome to BP, great luck.

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