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I'm a 19 years old young man, that's eager to start wholesaling. Can someone send me a copy of the contracts that you use, to wholesale in Memphis!

@Alontae Edwards  Check the FilePlace under the resources tab above. There are all kinds of useful documents there.

Hi @Alontae Edwards and welcome to BP. Excellent wholesalers are much needed for sure. Have you had a chance yet to read all the many great discussions on wholesaling here? Also there are some great books. I like that you are ready to take action. 

Some investors have their own favorite contracts. If you have made connections when you find something that qualifies for what they are wanting they should be happy to give you a copy of the one they use.

Great Success to You


@Melodee Lucido what are some of the books that you would suggest for someone interested in learning about the wholesaling process.

Welcome!  There are a lot of great resources on BP as well as many of the poster's websites you will see in their signature lines.. Check out some of the people you see on BP and you will discover a ton of great ideas! 

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