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Networking, meetup groups, bandit sighs, craigslist, talking to anyone and everyone to see if they or someone they know invests in real estate. If you have access to MLS, you can pull cash buyers and through public record and skip tracing, you can cold call them to get them on your list. Hope this helps. By the way, we will be starting an office in Charlotte, NC in the near future. We are a large wholesale brokerage. Maybe you can come work for us! I wholesale in Dallas, TX

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@Tim Ball  here is the fastest way to grow your buyers list. Run several ghost ads.  Find a few hot neighborhood run an ad for a cheap house about 50-70 k lower than normal sale prices make sure you state that only cash offer will be accepted . Bam your email will blow up with all of the cash players in your area.  Meet up groups reia etc are good ideas but most of the time 90% of these people are just starting out looking for the same thing you are.  

Someone just got me like this in Raleigh...literally just happened 10 minutes ago

They filled out a form on my website with what was a great deal. (by the way this was the first "good" lead I have gotten off it in a year in a half...I should have known what was coming) Well, it would have been great except it was a fake deal. I called like an hour later but "it sold yesterday." A few follow up questions and it was pretty easy to tell this property did not exist. I was suspicious before I even called because a friend actually lives on this street and every house is in great condition, but the lead described one which needed major work. Also the lead was presented as from an end seller whose parents died but the guy I spoke with was clearly trying to become a wholeseller. I am sure he went to his first guru seminar and heard this strategy.

But, they have my name, number, and criteria now so I guess they won. I'm gonna guess I never hear from them again though hah

so I guess the moral of this story is you could do what this guy did

if you have a Pro or Plus account here on BiggerPockets, you can post in the marketplace looking for cash buyers. This is how I'm drumming up a buyers list fora new market that I'm expanding to.  Also you can always search for Cash Buyer at craigslist, I got quite a few local cash buyers that way, and the deal I'm closing right now is with a cash buyer off craigslist. 

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@Tiffany Clay I don't remember the details of this because it was a year ago, but basically the person who did what I described was clearly dishonest. He created a fake deal to get my information and I saw right through it. If he had been straight up and said "hey I am a wholeseller and would like to add you to my buyer's list" that would have been fine, but instead he just lied about a fake deal.