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So I've decided to take my wholesaling business seriously this year. It all starts with marketing. I bought a mailing list from listsource targeting absentee owners and postcards from yellowletters.com. My mailers went out on Jan 12th and I got my first calls today. So glad to see I'm getting responses. Now I plan to keep working the phones until I find a deal. I'll keep mailing to this list for next 5 months. This is definitely getting exciting again!!! Just looking to vent my progress and take any comments or advice. I like talking about this stuff!!

Can't wait to get the next deal!!

@Jarred Black  I completely agree with venting the excitement. I am also constructing a motivated direct mail campaign. I actually mailed out my first stack of letters to leads I gained through D4D. Such a great feeling watching those letters fall into the drop box at the post office. Good luck!!


I'm just starting to build my foundation to launch my wholesaling business and although it will be a month or two before I launch my first mailing campaign, I can feel the excitement. Go get it guys!

That's great @Jarred Black !! How many did you send out in your first round? We are sending out of first round Monday and probate is our target.

Its great to see other people getting excited about wholesaling. I'm in the process of building my buyers list and prepping for my first DM campaign. Goodluck to everybody. 

Its great to see others getting excited!!! My husband and I are awaiting our bandit signs this weak and we are super excited for the phone to start ringing. We are also in the process of starting a DM campaign! Wish us luck and good luck to all of you as well!!

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