how do I find cash buyers using bigger pockets.

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First of all I'm a wholesaler and I'm here to network. First I'm looking to find some serious players in my market (new orleans,la) I'm a plus member now so what's the best way to find serious investors on this website? I'm coming across good properties but I need more investors to send them too. I hate when I sit on a property for more than a week or two. Any tips or advice please

Posting your deals in the marketplace is a very effective way to find buyers on the site.

@James Wise  stole my answer.  That's exactly what I was going to say.  BP is a great place with a lot of reach, so use the marketplace to your advantage!

great I already have three deals I have posted in the market place just waiting some action.

If you post real deals with some meat on the bone, you're going to attract all the buyer's you'll ever need.  That said, most successful wholesalers only need a handful of buyers, so the goal shouldn't be to get some list of "buyers" but a list of people who purchase your deals.  Everyone is a buyer -- the people who actually close are the ones that matter.

Joshua you are 100% correct. I just néed more like that. Last year the 13 deals I sold where bought by the same there people. I just need more people like them so that I can really building my network and crank up the the volume. 

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