Should I call back???

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Sent out my first 200 yellow letters and have already received 11 call backs through the Google Voice number associated with them. I'm pretty happy with the call back percentage even though it only seems 1 so far has the potential to turn into a deal. The first couple calls were the hardest but now the conversations are flowing pretty naturally and I am enjoying speaking to each person. Even though I have gotten 11 calls not all have left voice messages but I obviously have all their numbers from caller ID. 

Being they didn't leave a message should I count them off as probably not motivated or should I still give them a call back regardless?

What could it hurt? They may not be as motivated as some, but you won't know until you dig into it a little.  The experience you can gain is great.  Give em a call!

@Cameron Berens  

I agree with @Steve Vaughan  , I mean, they could have just not wanted to wait until your message finished playing so they hung up. I always at least follow up with those leads about twice with a phone call at least to see if they may have a property that they may want to sell. 

@Steve Vaughan   and @Larmon Cummings Jr  thanks for the advice. I decided to call them all back just for the sake of experience. I'm extremely happy I did because one of the guys owns his property free and clear and is interested in possibly structuring some sort of owner financing deal. Once I get some more concrete numbers I'll be posting that up for some advice.

Lesson learned- Callback EVERYONE no matter what.

I keep hearing about yellow letters, can someone go into detail about these letters. They seem to work well. Thanks!

@Rudy Vasquez  Basically they are what they sound like, hand written letters on lined yellow notebook paper in red ink (or printed off in such a way to look hand written). The reason being is because this appears more from a real person rather than something typed or a postcard (these forms of direct mail have their place as well though). They are used to try and contact motivated sellers. Go to the yellow letters website, one of this sites sponsors, and you can see exactly what I'm talking about. 

I'd think that the bigger question is 'why wouldn't you call them'?  They called for a reason.  Could it be that they are so motivated that they want/need to speak to someone immediately.  For them it's time to call the next wholesaler that will answer the phone.  Hurry, hurry maybe you can catch them........good luck!

Definitely call them back as you've already quickly learned. You never know what might happen when you do. That extra effort is what marketing and getting deals is all about. You want to be the guy that goes farther than the competition. "No lead left behind." Good luck!

Glad that you gave them a call and got a lead.  At this point you have few enough leads that you can stay on top of all of them.  You should keep track of the calls/no messages vs. messages and see if the messages have a better yield.  If you scale up you at the very least will want to prioritize your leads

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