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BP family, I mailed my 1st yellow letter campaign on 12/26, got a property under contract on 1/8 and will close on my 1st deal on 2/5.  Details of deal:

1) call from seller - husband had passed and tenants are moving out.  she wants to move on (MOTIATION)

2) scheduled appointment- tenant did not take very good care of home at all.  quick estimate of repairs

3) made offer on-site and after brief negotiating, settled on deal that day.

4) had flyer made up and distributed at local REIA meetings and also contacted buyers from my buyers list that I created from the local REIA meetings

5) set up property visit with all of my cash buyers at the same time.  offer made and accepted that day.

6) the key for the deal for me was to team up with a local RE expert and split the deal.  very crucial.  he did a lot of the negotiating with the sell/buyer and tripled my cash buyers list.  on the job training at its best.

7) on to the next one.............................

Always adding to my cash buyers list.  Please message me if interested.

Success to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations on your deal!!! good job.... 

Congrats on 1st deal @Robert Turner  

Looks like it didn't take too long from when you first started either.  Now keep the momentum up and go get another one!

Congrats Robert! Very successful and fast for your 1st campaign. Keep the momentum rolling!

Congratulations!  Keep it going!  How many letters did you send on your 1st campaign?

Congrats, I closed my first one last month. Its great feeling isn't it? Rinse and repeat!

Derek, I sent out 500 letters.

Can you give us some numbers on the deal? Purchase price, estimated repair costs, selling price? Just curious.

Awesome job. Keep it up.

@Robert Turner  Awesome! Thanks for the post. It's inspiring to me, and will keep me

 motivated to get my first deal, too. How much did you make wholesaling, if you don't mind me asking?


Now the real fun begins!

Awesome!  Great that you Post your, progress, 

My Question is the Yellow List? 

what is this List?

@Robert Turner  

Congratulations!!!!!! WoooHooo

Keep it moving forward go get the next one. Best Wishes on ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS!!!

Always A Blessing,


Congratulations! Can you explain the yellow letter? I have heard about it from other members but don't have any details on it. Thanks!

What was your target audience with your yellow letters?

Great job. It helps to team up with an experienced investor to get your feet wet. The experience is priceless. Good luck and on to the next!

Robert Turner, congrats!!!!

@Robert Turner , excellent. You are now (or soon will be) a real estate investor. (I don't consider anyone who hasn't cashed a check an investor.) After you close this one I would be pleased to hear more of the details.

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