Ok found my first deals! Now what?

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Ok today I drove around for 5 hours and found 3 houses that are in my buyers criteria! Now I found out from a neighbor that one of the houses was "winterized" and the owner had been deceased for 5 years and the bank owns the house and hasn't tried to see it or anything in 5 years! How would I go about the next step here? The rest of this post is a little extra I just wanted to share my newbie scare story.... Oh and might I add for a bit of newbie humor, that I checked on a house that looked abandoned so I knocked on the door to see if anyone was home... No one answered so I looked in the window to see an old lady laying perfectly still with her mouth open!! I knocked harder, worried
about the old lady and still no movement.. I didn't know what to do.. My girl friend suggested that I call 911 and report it. So we did.. The cops came with an ambulance and when they knocked I thought they was going to break the window.. Next the old lady woke up and gave the cops a thumbs up... Guess she was ok! Seemed like that had happened to her before! But luckily everything was ok!!

Neighbors "assume" the bank owns the house.  Verify for yourself with the parish records.

@Wayne Brooks  is correct. In the Abandoned Property business, you hear all kinds of rumors. Everyone from the neighbors to the actual owner of the house thinks they know what happened to the property. Assume nothing and verify EVERYTHING!

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