What would you say to executor when cold calling probate lead?

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What is your script to cold calling probate leads. For some reason I am having a mental block to cold calling probate leads. I have mailings out. But want to step it up.

Here's my little formula:

Send a real letter of introduction. Offer to be of service and don't try to be too clever.

Your call is merely a follow up and you offer to be of assistance and provide info on local handymen and related services that are problematic for others. Think of yourself as a concierge. 

Conversations ought to be informal but professional. You can start off like this:

"Hello, Mrs X. We've never met and I'm not selling a darn thing. How can I be of help to you while you deal with house situation? I think of what my Mom would need going through this time as you are. Maybe gardeners, housekeepers, pet sitters?

You are attempting to become an insider. Once inside, do you know what to do?

@Rick H.   I would like to hear what you would do once inside. I went to one the other day. It went pretty good. But it was not from a cold call it was from a mailing. Would love to hear what you would do. I was going to message you next if no one responded. 

Side question Would you mail or call the lawyer of the estate.? If the executor lives out of state in NH they must have a resident agent usually a lawyer. I usually have the executors info and the resident agents (lawyer)info also?

You must find your own voice and learn from your mistakes. 

What would you ask an aunt if an uncle has died?

It's all about them, not about you.

If you are serious, spend the time and money and invest in sales training, learn how to ask questions and then be silent. There is much power in listening.

@Rick H.   Valid point. That is the question right there. What would I say to my aunt. Simple. I do understand finding my own voice and making my mistakes. I have sold some of my properties and closed my yoga studio. To pursue this full time. I still have my rentals but this is what I focus on. Good point on the sales training.

I have done a lot of probates.  I would advise to say that you are a real estate professional who buys distressed properties.  That you offer special services that may be of benefit to them such as buying properties that need fixed up or doing fast purchases.  If they need your help please call and if not that is OK also.  Your sincere sympathies for their loss and if your services can help in any way feel free to call even if just to ask questions.  I would send it to the attorney and the PR

I would add that you are able to buy properties as is without them paying to fix them up.  That is often a problem for estates, no one is willing to front money to fix them up.

@Jerry W.

Very good advice and very good soft wording. The approach of helping them.

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