Wholesaling in Broward County FL

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I have been learning about real estate investing for a couple of years now and recently moved to Broward County FL. My plan is to start out wholesaling but as I begin putting together my business plan I am looking to learn as much about the area as I can.

One thing I could use some help with is finding out what are some average costs for renovation work. Such as, what is the average construction worker hourly wage? What's the average cost to paint the interior/exterior of a 1000 sqf home? What's the average cost for hurricane windows/shutters? What's the average cost to install new tile flooring, excluding materials? ect. ect.

Can anybody help me with some general figures or point me in the right direction to learn these things?

Hello @Account Closed My suggestion to you would be to get on the phone and start calling local contractors in your area and asking them what the on going rate is for their services and materials. Nothing better than getting the word directly from the horses mouth right? Any way good luck and happy investing!


Thank you Carlos. I appreciate the advice.

Hey Carlos, I am a inspiring wholesaler/investor in the plantation area myself. Not that much experience/ any but I am very passionate about meeting my goal this year. Land a house for me and my growing family, and land as many deals as possible to free up me and my wife's time to spend with our son. I would like to maybe talk more about the subject and hopefully some advice about my 1st deal. Can u help me ?

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