Bad Wholsale Deal

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What do you usually do with your bad wholesale deals?

When you say "Bad"... that could mean many things.  I'll take a stab at a couple probabilities...

1.  They want too much, over priced,  not enough equity?   Send to Realtor®

2.  They aren't motivated enough.  Ask more questions.  Be sure.

3.  They are someone you had to cancel. Say you are sorry and move on! 

Hope it helps!  

Have a Powerful Sales Day!

Perfect!  Then what I would do is the following...

1.  Double check if it's their equity, that would disallow them from taking your offer.

2.  Double check their motivation. You can't want it more than they do.

3.  If they are truly overpriced, and will not listen to the merits of your offer, then give their number and pertinent info to a Realtor® you trust as a referral.  Do not ask for any money in return for the lead (as it is useless to you).  

Instead, ask that in the future, they simply help you out with some comps on a subdivision or advice in the future.  Build a relationship of trust with that Realtor® by feeding them those leads you cannot use in exchange for help.

Have a Powerful Sales Day! 

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