letter campaign strategy question

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This is an area where there are a lot of vacant homes and it can be hard to move houses, particularly vacant homes that are not in perfect condition.  However, the area is well off and the mortgages on the homes are likely paid off.  One scenario might be one where the children of well off parents move away and inherit a home.

I have a list of residential properties in this area that have out of town owners. 

I am interested in ideas on how one might approach this group of owners and what kind of deals are attractive to these owners.


@Katharine Chartrand  

I find I have better success with absentee owners when I mail them something less generic , something like a "hand written letter". I put that in quotes because you're obviously not going to write out a bunch of letters , but rather hand write one letter and make xerox copies of it. 

I also like to include something like ..."I completely understand if you're not ready to sell. If this is the case I just ask that you not throw away this letter or my business card so that if you should ever change your mind in the future you can refer back to this letter & know that you have someone ready, willing & able to purchase your home in it's "as is" condition.

Most of these sellers want an all cash sale & are willing to let it go for less than market value. They don't want to deal with property taxes, HOAs, tenants etc.