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I've been reading a little about direct mailing campaigns along with probate real estate. Has anyone experimented with direct mailing probate attorneys in your area of interest to let them know you are an investor in the market and Asking if they would pass along your information if their clients have a need to sell real estate? I thought this along with direct mailers to executors would be a good basis. Thoughts?

Hi Bill!  I have been thinking about doing that myself.  Have you engaged in such a campaign as of yet?  Have you collected your attorney leads?

This topic has been covered extensively in prior threads.

Your marketing to attorneys to buy properties sounds viable but does not work. I've been marketing my liquidity services to CA for decades and have a good sense of what works and what does not work.

Your mailers will go in the trash faster that you say, "time-waster"

This is because attorney prefer their clients list properties with licensed broker specialists with proven track records, in order to assure court that assets has been given maximum market exposure. 

Attorneys only want to deal with other professionals. If you want to play in their world, better up your game.

thanks for the advice Rick. Better to get shot down here rather than waste time and money finding out the hard way!

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