Wholesale under contract with no cash buyer list

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I have a very small all cash buyers list and wondering if the deal will speak for itself!!
EXAMPLE: I get a great deal on a fixer upper for an all cash buyer but only have a couple on my list that are not buying at the time. If I just use craigslist/backpage/bandit signs are my odds of finding an all cash buyer still very good if the deal is sound! Or do you suggest signing an agent who has an outstanding all cash buyers list????? I DONT WANT TO GIVE 2.5% OF THE SELLING PRICE TO AN AGENT THOUGH!!!! SUGGESTIONS???? I don't have access to MLS either at the time to see who has been financing all cash recently either.

Network!  Hit meetup.com and go to all the meeting within an hour (or 2) drive of you and shop the deal.  If it speaks for itself you should be on the phone with one of those investors the very next day!

Have you posted on postlets.com? They syndicate your posting to many websites. This would be the first thing I would do after i sent to my buyers who are not buying at the moment.

If it is a wholesale deal place it on myhousedeals.com

run ads on craigslist and promote what the benefit is to buying that house now! Post a minimum of 2x a day!

Call everyone on craigslist that says they buy houses. Send them your flyer.

Market your property here in the marketplace.

Agreed network like crazy! Bring Lots of Flyers.

if you feel you can't sell it on your own, team up with other wholesalers. They have great lists. Some wholesalers will want half and then you might get lucky and find one that won't take as much. 

If the time is running out Get the deal sold! Some of something is better than some of nothing..

I agree with @Johnna Lodge That's what I do I team up with others& make a $$$plus it helps me & them we're ALL A TEAM at REIA.


post it in BP marketplace.  I've seen good deals get posted there and snatched up pretty quick.  If it's a good deal, it won't stay on there long

You should go to the top of the BP Wholesaling forum and read the sticky topics there. One of them has loads of ways to locate buyers. 

Thank you everyone

@Mike Flora  Don't be afraid to lose that 2.5%, it might be big money, but its better than $0. Think, sell, move on. Don't be afraid to lose PROFIT, get more deals, build reputation, its much more better than money.

Ask local govt offices who handles the list of who bought properties. Get/buy the list from them. Use your taxes, remember they work for you, you are asking for public information.

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