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Hey BP family! I am a newbie to the world of real estate investing and real estate in general. I've been doing a lot of reading and learning and this website has been monumental!! So in an attempt to begin taking action I did some driving for dollars this weekend. I encountered something that idk what the next step is? On the county assessors site I found some info on one of the properties that is in an amazing location. I don't understand the lingo used though, well not really. It says it is an unqualified sale. It was last sold in June of 2014, but it sits untouched with new code violation posters that were put up in October. I have the listed address for the owner, but there is no owner name. The buyer created an LLC with the property address. It also says something about unvalidated deed stamps? I pulled the tax bill and the taxes are current, the last payment was in January 2015. What should my next step be if anything? This is in the Atlanta market. If there are any investors in my area that know what I should be doing please help?

I would Google the LLC to find out who the managing members are then look them up and call or send a letter to get more info on the property. You could also drive the neighborhood and if you see any neighbors walking their dogs you can stop and ask them if they know anything about the property.


@Reese Moore  See if the tax assessment site includes the address that taxes are mailed to.  If yes then send a letter indicating your interest in the property.

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