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is it typical that Realtors really aren't interested in dealing with those who wholesale?

Generally agents will want to deal with an end buyer(or their agent) since there is less risk of them not being able to complete the deal.  If you can complete the deal without an end buyer(you can buy yourself), it might work out.

That is an accurate statement.  Most Realtors do not understand the wholesale model.  Others realize that there is a high risk in working with a client that does not have actual ownership.  There is no issue working with an investor that actually closes the transaction, but there can be significant issues for them if the property is just under a wholesale contract.

i find myself very confused if I'm asked to be involved in wholesale as a Realtor. In such case I step aside let my buyer go ahead.

I dont know where I fit in. And most wholesale deal is such small dollar # in my area it makes no sense to have me complicate things (my previous company frowns on it, I get huge eye rolls and a run don't walk away signal, same reaction for land contract)

I work with investors, my thinking is i don't need to be involved in all their deals. I only ask if they successfully close, and they flip I get to list :) I think that's fair.

Thank you all for your feedback!

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