Providing Moving Service to Seller

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Hi All,

My motivated seller needs moving service. Her family is disabled and cannot handle the labor.

How can I structure this service into my wholesale deal? I plan on doing a double assignment or a close.

Total NEWBIE question I know!! But my main goal is to help this seller in whatever way I can.

Thank you all!


I would contact a couple moving services for the customer and get some price inquires. If the customer is saying they can't afford it, depending on the spread, I might possibly help them out. I can definitely help someone out with a few hundred if I'm earning a couple grand from the transaction. It will come back to you sooner or later, you know @Jonathan Baker  ? 

@Jonathan Baker  I did this before, we had a small sign printed up that said, need to sell your house moving services provided by our company with our phone number. It got us a few leads, none worked out right away one came back a year later. To me its more important about doing the right thing, so yes I would factor it as part of the deal. Get a few quotes and give them red carpet treatment. Then leave them with a stack of business cards and tell them $100-$500 for every deal they send you that works out. Its a marketing machine, when people truly appreciate what you have done for them. 

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