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I have been studying about wholesaling since Oct. I am about 80% ready to make my first deal. I have also read the BP's Ultimate Beginners Guide to REI. However I seem to be stuck in "analysis paralysis". I am looking for a mentor to help me threw the whole process. I am wanting to quit my day job before summer.


I was in your shoes last December. I ended up sending 30 or so messages to people in my area that said something along these lines, "Hi, I am looking to assist your real estate investment business grow. Please, let me know how I can help you out in anyway. I am looking to gain experience in the field and willing to do anything to get it." This got me in contact with a few professionals that pointed me in the right direction here and there. Investors want to know how you can bring value to them and in return you will gain experience. Its a lot better this way than saying, Im looking for a mentor, because it shows you are taking action. Second advice is go talk to properties, and you would be amazed of connections you will make. Email or call people on craigslist, FSBO, and zillow. Some of the time they are investors and this will give you a few minutes to connect with them. In these conversations I get to a point where I tell them that I am starting out and any advice would be appreciated. The good ones spend 20 minutes on the phone with you and give great advice. Last piece, go to REI meet ups and BP meet up. Anson Young is in your area and has a BP meet up. If you have any additional questions please ask me and I'll be happy to help.

Have a great day!


Today I am going to look at a condo with a friend. He is wanting to buy it. I am also going to a meetup group about being a first home buyer

@Anson Young  I would love to get together this weekend for a cup of coffee. Just let me know when and where. I wasn't going to goto your meeting cause I had a friend in town but, since this is very important to me, I will see him later that night. 

Well spoken and solid advice Mr. @Walter Pape . @Dan Earth , like Walter said, its not about hand outs in the world of REI. If you show someone they you are will to work and help them, they will square you away. What do you mean when you say you're "stuck" in the analysis paralysis? Elaborate on that more and maybe someone can give you some pointers. And I'm glad you prioritized going to the meetup instead of hanging with your friend. You'll be able to spend as much time with your friend as you can desire after you become a good entrepreneur.

Hey  I'm a R.E.I In the UK, Bristol I have the contract forms but I need to clarify a few thing that I am little confused about.

On the option and purchase form is seen to be more clearer and transparent then my purchase and sale agreement and assignment form?

would you be able to .help me. by taking a lot at these form for the benefit of my motivated sellers who want to do away with headache of there property.

P.S if not could you please .Point me in the right direction. of getting these form shorted out since you would have more experience than me.

thanks Christopher

Email: [email protected]

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