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Hey everyone,

I am a newbie to real estate investing and I would appreciate all the help I can get. A house that I am interested in, is a vacant and beat-up property that is located right across from my home (funny right?) . The question I have is how do I go about contacting the owner? I found out from public records that he lives out of state and an address is provided  in the record, along with his name.


Hey Kevin, go to peoplesmart.com or whitepages.com and do a reverse address lookup on the absentee's current address not the property's, to get their number, there may plenty numbers or just one but do your due and call each one til you find who you're looking for! Then its simply up to you to sell yourself and get the contract! 

Do your homework, know what you're going to say before you say it, rehearse if necessary, and know what the property is worth and what you're willing to offer, have a bottom line number that you won't go beneath. 

Don't be afraid to walk away if there is no money to be made, don't NEED the deal, make them need your services, and no's are just the prerequisites to a yes!

Hope this helps, have a good one!

You can get the address from tax records- but if you already have it- send him a letter stating you are an investor home solution advisor and you are currently purchasing houses in the area. Give your name and number and ask them to respond if they are interested in selling or maintaining the house to local and county codes  since it is clear that the house needs some maintenance. .

I use the code approach to push the issue that their asset is declining and see if you can help - maybe they got cited already by the city - I find it generates more response than just a I BUY HOUSES card. good luck!

Hey Albert Paul, Thanks for the useful info about how to lookup owners.  Also, I agree with you that we all need to not act to anxious about a deal but make them anxious to use our services. And we need to know when to walk away (when there's no money to be made!). I know it's a numbers game, that all "deals" are not necessarily "good deals". !  

John, What  a fantastic idea!  I've already mailed out 9 letters without that idea, got 2 responses  which is a good response rate but it was from the 2 that would not be the best deals.   My wife and I are gonna use your idea. Thanks...   We've been putting word out that we invest so we're finding deals all over the south; we'll let you know when one is in your area.(What is your area that you work in?   My cell number (478) 733-4795

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