No transportation to look at property

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I don't have transportation to look at a property (about an hr away), what do I do in that situation? Find a JV partner?...Any other ideas?

Do you have a friend who could take you? Offer to pay for gas and lunch. Remember, if you are looking to purchase you will need to get out there. 

sign up for uber it is a ride share service. 

Try posting an ad on Craigslist and offer someone $20 to go the the property, inspect it and take pictures and have them email the pictures to you. 

All Great Ideas! 

@Dewayne Conigan  Thing with uber is it will be costly to ride an hour out and back.. But definitely great for quick errands..

@Rahdia Green  Can you borrow a friend or family members car?  Just make sure you return it with a full tank :)

Are you too young to rent a car or do you just not have a license? If renting a car to view a property is too much cost then you either need to look closer to home or home or wait.  The total bill for a one day rental from a traditional car company should not break the bank.     Maybe mass transit plus a cab? 

Things will pop up and you are going to need transport on short notice some times so get a plan that can easily implement each time you want to look at a property.

It takes money to make money in this industry.  I would first look for more W2 income. 2nd or 3rd job perhaps.

Set yourself up for success. Get yourself situated.  1st with a car. 2nd with enough money to invest in some info structure for your business. Without being able to properly compete against your compitition you will be spinning your wheels.

I see what you did there, James.


You would go about finding a ride as usual.  Family,  friends , Co worker etc.  If they cant help, pay for a shuttle.  Is there more to this question that I'm not seeing?

Google street view?  At least you can get an idea what the neighborhood looks like.  I personally wouldn't buy a property like this, but its a start.

You might want to focus on properties that are accessible via public transportation.  They tend to be expensive, but are desirable as rentals and generally appreciate well.

"If there is a will, there is a way."

Good luck with your journey @Rahdia Green  , keep your eye on the prize...

Yes, I'm going to ask a friend (just wondering if JV would be beneficial as well).. I have my license but for a day it will accumulate to about $80 (done before). Seeking other options now but I live in an area where the market isn't well. So I tend to look in DC or Baltimore. But yes asking a friend will be ideal.

@Kathryn Marchetti  Yes, I look at Google Street View for all properties, but definitely prefer to look at a property physically.

@Chaz Reid  Thanks Chaz!

@James Wise  I'm currently looking for a second job (now that I have free time) but I don't want to limit myself because I don't have a car. I feel that I am too far into learning the business, I'm too motivated to stop now. 

Just buy a $500 piece of trash car to get around. Not sure how you could to this without having a car. Although, you might have emission problems if your state checks that. Good luck! I second James advice on upping your income.

Hi @Rahdia Green  .  The craigslist idea suggested by @Travis Boyer   is a good one.  If the property is in DC I could possibly help.  I think I my try craigslist for BMore.

@Josh C.    its great to want to get things started and get out there to make deals but if you cannot drive out to see a property now, how will you be able to when a seller says the only time they are available is tonight at 6? Like others have said keep learning and doing but get the basic infrastructure in place first.

Good luck  

@Rahdia Green   I'm in Hagerstown. I could at least let you know what kind of area the property is in. I was born and raised in Hagerstown, so I have a pretty good feel for it. If you'd prefer to have eyes on the property, I could recommend a local real estate agent that could take an initial look at the place for you. I'm sure he would also be willing take pics and report back.

Yes a JV can be a good option. I do a lot of partnering and JVs. However I haven't yet found someone that will follow up effectively on the leads I get.

others have eluded, ill just say it. To be involved w real estate, you need reliable transportation. To steal a quote from a recent podcast involving this very subject," it's like a plumber not owning a pipe wrench".

I would recommend putting your real estate goals in front of the line for priorities- work backwards. You know you'll need a car for this career. So what do you NEED to do now to accomplish that goal. You need a reliable car to succeed in this industry.  Be creative. Get a car.

There a lot of negative comments up here. If she doesn't have a car, I'm pretty sure she knows she should try to get one. Offer her a possible resolution instead of beating a dead horse.

Everybody is like get another job and get a car, you should get a car, maybe you should save and buy a car, I don't know how you can live without a car... :-/ That's not helping at all smh.

@Rahdia Green doing a JV would be a good route you can go but the downside is finding someone interested in doing in due time. They might be in that particular area and you can just have the contact information for the property. Cover yourself in the JV contract and the Purchase Agreement, things will be fine. Paying for a ride via cab or rental might be a little expensive especially if you don't know how promising the deal is. I'm sure a friend will take $20 and some good conversation. If you have any further questions, I'm here to help.

Though I know I'd need a car to do practically anything these days.. Where I live to get decent amount of money, I even need a car to work. I figured to go a different route to purchase a car ie: Real Estate. This day and age there are a lot of resources out there that will make it POSSIBLE to close a deal not having a car; brings it back to asking if there are any other options anyone could come up with.. Right now it looks like Real Estate is my vehicle to obtaining a vehicle (haha) which I will make happen either way. I do take the advice of having a job (well second job, as I am currently employed) that will provide me with extra income, but it is very possible to do a deal or two without a car and I'll just have to prove it. Thanks @Chaz Reid  @Ned Carey  @Aaron Thivierge and @Keith Belzner  

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