What to say to Absentee Owners

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Hi Everyone,

I have been doing direct marketing using postcards to absentee owners. Which has generated several calls from landlords looking to sell their properties. The only problem is most of them seem to want retail value for their properties that have been mostly Rehabbed already. As a wholesaler using 65% of the ARV - the light repairs - my wholesale fee. Leaves me with really low numbers to offer the sellers. Do any of you have any suggestion on how to make a deal out of these situation or is just a lost cause .

 I always ask myself what value can I bring to the table? What problem am I solving? Whatever the answer is ...quick sale, selling without them having to do repairs, etc... Is where you make your money. Ask them to find out what they need and if there is nothing you can give them of value then you will run into that exact problem. That is at least what I have learned from my experience. Good luck. 

@Robert T

You could ask them if they know of anyone that wants to sell (that way the call is not wasted).

THEN modify your marketing.

Wholesaling IS Marketing.

I'm finding that to get good prospects to call I have to constantly twick my marketing.  

Hope that helps a little.

If you don't feel some type of way by your offer to them, then its not low enough. Keep screening the calls bro, that motivated seller is coming soon.

How much equity? Would they agree to terms? 

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