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I have a seller willing to let me "bring a buyer to the table" on his 6 building package (3 4plex, 2 duplex, 1 Sfr). He is willing to give me 30-45 days inspection period to market the property. Seller does not want to use an Option contract...not familiar with them. My question is has anyone done a wholesale like this with a more standard contract and what clauses did you use to make everyone comfortable so you could market the properties and have control?

Thank you!

I think just because the seller isn't familiar with the contract doesn't mean find another contract. Apparently the seller is an investor as well. Try educating him on the contract and things behind it. Tell him, your buyers might move a little slower because of the size of the property. Ask about cherry picking the properties. Just keep it real with the seller. If he's motivated, he'll understand and want to continue on.

What  you describe is the seller is letting you market and sell his property for 30 days you are acting as a real estate agent If you dont have an option to buy, or some type of purchase agreement  you have no standing 

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Thank you all for the help!

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