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While I think I understand how Wholesaling works, I understand the process from what I've read. There are always a lot of moving parts in a real estate transaction;  I will understand better once I actually complete a transaction. 

I haven't found much on:

1. How to find sellers

2. How to build my buyers (investor) list.

Can someone point me in a direction please.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Rhonda Norman  !

I am quite new as well, however many would suggest finding both buyers and sellers by attending local REI meetups (search for your area), chatting with the members here on BP and posting in the marketplace (need a PRO account), as your drive around look for those "we buy houses" signs for local buyers, and of course Craigslist.

I have not closed on my first deal and my buyers list is a good handful, however I know when the time comes what steps to take to get the house sold ASAP. The mentality and ability may outweigh an extensive list. 

Much success to you through your journey! 

P.S. I am upgrading my account to PRO status this week!!

meet investors groups get to know your hard money lenders guys/Girls 

also smile and let the world know what you do. land lords from rent signs also good. 

Thank you @Dewayne !

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