Wholesaling specifically for personal buy and hold properties

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First and foremost,  I apologize if this is in anyway a re post or redundant.  I tried to search the forums for this topic and was unsuccessful.  If anyone has any relevant links please share!

Basically,  I'm wondering if anyone on here has developed a direct mail or lead generation campaign specifically to purchase properties under market value for their personal portfolio.  I'm in the beginning phases of mapping out a direct mail campaign specifically targeting back tax, and absentee owners.  My current goal is to get them under contract and purchase them for a persona buy and hold portfolio, hopefully between 30-50% or more under market. Anyone using this strategy? Any tips or considerations?  Is there a good method for finding marketable leads? 



@Matthew Gillespie  for direct mail strategy to under market value property I would talk to @Michael Quarles  . His website and blog target these areas. His exit strategy is different than yours, but will give you the information needed. If you have any questions or want to bounce ideas off of each other please PM me. 


In my mind there shouldn't be a change to your marketing if you are buying the property. I would guess everything would be the same except for the closing would be done with your money. The marketing, motivated seller, inspection, and some of the numbers would be the same. I've never done this personally, but that just my input on your question @Matthew Gillespie  

Absolutely your title is a bit confusing because if you are "adding to your portfolio" you wouldn't be wholesaling. 

It won't be any different than a regular absentee mailing campaign targeting high equity out of state/in state owners. If you want more details feel free to PM me I can tell you what has worked great for me. Added two SFR to my portfolio at dirt cheap via my campaign.

Market like a wholesaler.  What's the saying in RE, "you make your money when you buy"?  Doesn't matter what the end goal is, actually, it's best to have as many exit strategies as possible don't you think?  I'm a newbie and haven't done a deal yet, but this is what all the experts around here say.

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