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Hello I'm like a virgin to real estate as a whole but I stubbled upon some information on wholesaling and I'm so eager but I don't have a clue at what I'm doing any help methods ideas anything I would greatly appreciate it thank you

listen to the bigger pockets podcast. You can also go on you to and type in BP and you should see a video about wholesailing. 

Attend your local REIA. I'm just as new as you are. I attended one of these monthly meetings and met face to face with many friendly people that are willing to give you advice and help. You might even find somebody who will take you under their arm. Mentors and networking is key!! Good luck!!

The wholesale business is one of the choices many new investors choose to begin in order to raise capital. Although this is not the only way to earn money in real estate, it is certainly popular. 

First and foremost, wholesaling is a business. It is one of the areas of real estate that offers a low threshold to start. I recommend reading and asking questions.  Learn and take action on what you learn. You can absolutely begin and earn while you learn. 

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