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Hello, I plan on wholesaling real estate this year and I am in need of a good closing attorney that I can build a working business relationship with near Athens, Ga. Feel free to share, it would be greatly appreciated

@Trevor Jackson

Welcome to my backyard.  Please bring your deals you find around Athens my way. Pay cash and close quick. I work with a few guys already showing them the ropes.  Let me know if you'd like to spend some time so you can learn my criteria.  HINT: if its not a 2% property I'm probably not buying. We find plenty at 2% or better (usually with rehab and forced appreciation).  I can also tell you which are the crumby PMs that run the properties into the ground... it's easy to buy from their clients.

To answer your question... Here a few great RE attorneys in Athens.  There are plenty of others but these are some personal faves:

Chris Nichols

Cici Mercer

John Laster

Hey @Jack Tucker , mind sharing those not so good PM's to stay away from? I just bought that owner financed quad on airport that I think you were looking at a few weeks ago to flip (i bought for a rental). I interviewed the existing PM and not so sure I'm thrilled about them. Know any good PM's for the $400 price range?

Thanks, Adam

Wow.  Congrats on Airport Dr... @Adam Morgan

When Mark told me that he was backing out of our deal because he had a guy willing to pay him $15k more than me, I told him if his word wasn't worth the 15k, I would understand if he went the other way...  Can't get them all, but integrity is everything.

Have you already started to rehab? How many multifams have you owned in this genre, which we gently refer to as "working class".  There's a reason my price was what it was... Eyes wide open.

Let's discuss the specific PM blackball list via email or text. 706-818-3359. [email protected]

@Jack Tucker I certainly appreciate the input, and I will be using them. I would like to learn your criteria, however, I am a newbie so once I get the feel for wholesaling and the whole process I would like to link up and maybe bring you some deals according to your criteria. Thanks again. 

Welcome to BP.  Join LegalShield.com.  They have real estate attorney.

@Trevor Jackson

@Adam Morgan

@Ethan Atkinson

Absolutely would like to get together and calibrate.  in fact, my criteria are fairly straight forward in 3 genres:

Location:  Athens and surrounding areas in Clarke or Oconee county Georgia

SFR or MF (2/3/4-plex) cash buys: 2% property after all repairs.  I buy these almost every month and they do exist in our market.  No warzones... we self-manage... for now. 

SFR or MF Sub2 or Owner Finance: Willing to pay a it more here, targeting 0-5% down and 0-5% interest with long am. Balloon at 5+ years ok.  Must net 1+%Cashflow, 20+% Equity or both. Yes, I get regularly these in our market.  Closing on 2 of them this Friday.

MF (8-100 units) - Athens or 50 miles surrounding. Target 10-12+ cap based on actual P&L. Defered Maint / CapEx and location very important. If no pro forma or actual contract, then I'm probably not interested, unless direct to seller.

So there you go... Bring me something like that.  The only criteria that I have not achieved on a regular basis in our market is the larger MF.  

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