Chicago Kid New to BiggerPockets new to investing and excited about wholesaling

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Hello to everyone... My name is David and I'm brand new to Bigger Pockets and so excited to not only learn but to also take action. Just recently I've begin to learn about wholesaling and wow its seems to be an amazing business as long as you treat it as a respectiable business for both yourself as well as all those invested in the deal.... Please if you are a wholesaler, investor, title company, attorney or agent etc etc i'd truly appreciate all advice and help..... Thanxxxx so very much

Welcome to BP, David!

@David Harvey

Welcome to the BP Community. I do some wholesaling, among other things, here on the S. Side of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. If you need any help, or specific advice on a particular topic, feel free to reach out. This is a great community, and though you may get some negative feedback from a lot of folks on wholesaling, just know all "opinions" aren't the law and are merely "opinions". I suggest taking time to learn the trade, and in my opinion, investing in getting licensed wouldn't be a bad investment if you're serious about being a REI. Good luck, and look forward to seeing you around the site.

Thanks a lot @Larmon Cummings Jr I could definitely use all the help possible. Are you apart of any meet up groups here in chicago I'm looking to meet some great like minded people... investors, wholesalers etc  

My favorite Chicago meetups are:

Chicago Area Real Estate Investors Association


Northern Illinois Real Estate Investment Association

Chicago Creative Investors Association

Hope that helps and maybe I'll see you at one meetup. :-)

Wow thanks a lot @robertsolis thats a great deal of help.... yeah i definitely will be attending 

@Robert Solis  Wow thanks a lot thats a great deal of help.... yeah i definitely will be attending 

@David Harvey Welcome to BP.  There is a ton of information available on this site.

@David Harvey

Yes, I usually attend the BP Meetup every 3rd Tuesday of the month. @Brie Schmidt can give you more information on that. Its one of the best meet ups I have attended so far. I also attend the CREIA when I get a chance. You can also go to meet and check out a variety of real estate meet ups. Hope this helps.

@Larmon Cummings Jr

 - Thanks for the mention!

@David Harvey - you can PM me your email address and I can add you to the list, we met last night and do on the 3rd Tuesday

Thanks so much to you all... @Brie Schmidt @Larmon Cummings Jr and @Andy V. this is a great deal of help.  I'm really excited to get involved !!!! ill definitely be contacting you @Brie Schmidt 

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