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What's up BP and all its users ken here just getting started in wholesale and would love to network with others in my area which is the grand rapids Michigan area would love to learn and work together with new investors Two heads are better than one we can work and learn together grow together make money together and eventually start doing deals on our own or a seasoned Wholesaler to help me get started working with me and showing me how things get done thanks ahead of time to all that reached out to help 

Welcome Ken, I guess two posts are better than one too! Great resources here for all levels of investors. Wholesaling is fun, but be certain to really learn the business inside out. Wholesalers have to know RE as well if not better than most to pass along good deals...markets, submarkets, construction, financing, buyer seller psychology, marketing, closing process, etc. They are cool deals to navigate though. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Hi Ken, I am an investor in Grand Rapids and would like to connect.

Hi @Ken Riddle  and @Benjamin McClellan - welcome!  Make sure to set your keywords to Grand Rapids, Michigan, etcetera so you get updates on who is posting to the forums.  Also, you'll start to get a feel for who the BP folks are in the area.

You should also check out the RPOA and West Michigan REI Club in Grand Rapids - you'll meet a lot of great people working with those groups.

Welcome, and it's great to have you!

Thank you @Brandon Krieg for the info, I am a member of RPOA and it has been very Helpful. Let me know if any one has properties for sale I invest in single family homes, two units, thee units and four units. 



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Hey BP friends. I am a wholesaler in Michigan, if anyone would like to connect please reach out. Thanks!

Hi, everyone! Just wanted to chime in and say hello. I am a GR BRRRR investor and have been mail marketing for off-market properties. At some point, I will have more inventory than I can personally buy and fix so I will keep you posted on any deals I find! I am in Puerto Rico now for another week and a half and when I get back I will be hitting the mailers again!! Good luck to you all and I am always up for meeting over coffee to discuss REI! 😃

Ken I'm a buy and hold investor as you know. I look forward to working together in the future.

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