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Do i as a wholesaler tell the seller upfront that I plan to wholesale their house. Is it unethical not to. Wouldn't make them ask for more money since I'm gonna sell at a higher price? What's the best practices in this. 

Be upfront with the seller.  That's always the best practice.  Normally, they don't really care who buys it.  You might also say to the seller that you aren't sure if this house is one that you will keep or you might have a colleague purchase it under the same terms.

@Roland thanks. I'd have to find better wording than um yeah sign right here, I'm not gonna buy your house but give me 30 days to find someone that will.  

@Everett Marshall Definitely be honest and upfront with them. Let them know you are an investor and you intend to make money on their home as that is your "job" You can also let them know that you will either be 1. Keeping the house for yourself, 2. Fixing it up and selling it or 3. Selling it to another investor, you just don't know at this time. 

Tell them you work with investors that buy properties... Its the truth all the way around

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