Commercial Driving for Dollars Campaign

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I am an infill home builder and wholesaler in Portland, OR.

We've had some great success with direct mail campaigns for single family homes.

In Portland, there are many under-utilized commercial properties that currently are not at their highest and best potential, based on location and zoning.  Many of these properties are in poor condition. I.e. A run down car repair shop right next to a shiny new 60 unit apartment complex in a hot area.  

I'm curious if anyone else has done a commercial driving for dollars campaign?  My main question revolves around the message copy and the media that you put in on?  I have a hunch that a hand written yellow letter isn't going to fly in the commercial world?  Maybe I'm wrong?

I have a pretty decent understanding of real estate finance and the nuts and bolts of cash flow. More importantly though I think, I have several friends I can lean on who are commercial developers who can help build out a pro forma to filter leads when they come in.

Big picture, I'm wondering how you might recommend approaching commercial property owners with direct marketing??

Thanks for any input!


Hi Ashley,

I would just send them a yellow letter with handwritten address on the envelope. I am from the Portland area myself and can see the opportunity in this. Let us know how your campaign goes, best of luck.

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