What's the best way to market with a $500 budget starting out? We also plan to add a 250 to the budget per month.

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We are open to any other advice for investors in Atlanta.  Thank you!

@Carl Hall I can tell you what I do with a 320 dollar budget a month.  An what it does for me.  I think 500 dollars is a good number to market with every month, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that we live in a time where you can tell people exactly what you want or expect so that way your dont waste either parties time. 

So yellow letter marketing which i do myself a little time consumming but I do roughly 80 bucks a week this allows me to mail out 120 letters.

Since I usually only send out letters to 2-3 zip codes in my area depending on how many names I get off of freedom soft Im still going back and forth to the records office to get probate list so I can be doing something while I wait to see if I get any hits.  

You can use the same zip codes pull up google map plot like 3 houses in each zip code and follow them up with bandit signs still while you wait.  If you do most of the work I can see you stretching your 500 if you out source its going to eat it up. 

Fyi I use a different number for each marketing list.. I.e Probate num absentee/vacant num, bandit sign num) so far what I see is bandit signs give me more calls less motivated sellers or leads, direct mailing is direct but if your letter dont read right still not a lot of leads.  Probate is good they usually will call you back but takes a lot of follow up because family has stuff going on.

Really quick spread of what i do right now if you have any questions of me feel free to hit me up consistency is key try not to idle good luck.


@Carl Hall IMO Direct mail would be your best option at this point. Atlanta is a pretty tough market so I would work really hard on finding a list that not a lot of people have. The harder the list is to come by the better your chances of securing a deal. I would also supplement direct mail marketing with some network marketing. When I say network marketing I don't mean only meetings with other wholesalers or investors, but meetings with other types of people just to expand your network. Ive come to realize that most of population doesn't even know wholesalers or investors exist. The ones that do know we exist have a bad taste in their mouth so I would make sure people saw me as a savior instead of a leech. Long story short, since your marketing budget is small compared to the other players in this market you have to make up for that with a lot of network marketing. 

Honestly, I can say if you are ready to work invest in the Houston market. They have great land, to work. 

@Fitzgerald Hall

 Thank you for the advice Fitz. I know its been a while since you answered my post but last month a started my direct mail campaign. I have been getting calls for the last few weeks now and look forward to putting my first property under contract shortly. Direct Mail was definitely the way to go! thanks again boss

@Michael Grant Thanks for your response. I know its been a while but I did outsource my letters using yellow letters complete. I would like to test out your approach and mail the letters myself. I noticed you mentioned freedomsoft. Is this a company like listsource.com where they supply me with motivated sellers list or people with certain criteria to sell? and how much do you usually pay for postage when you send out those 120 letters? is that what the 80 dollars entails?

@Carl Hall Thats Great! Keep it up and feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.

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